Algorithms for Büchi Games

The classical algorithm for solving B\"uchi games requires time $O(n\cdot m)$ for game graphs with $n$ states and $m$ edges. For game graphs with constant outdegree, the best known algorithm has running time $O(n^2/\log n)$. We present two new algorithms for B\"uchi games. First, we give an algorithm that performs at most $O(m)$ more work than the classical algorithm, but runs in time O(n) on infinitely many graphs of constant outdegree on which the classical algorithm requires time $O(n^2)$. Second, we give an algorithm with running time $O(n\cdot m\cdot\log\delta(n)/\log n)$, where $1\le\delta(n)\le n$ is the outdegree of the game graph. Note that this algorithm performs asymptotically better than the classical algorithm if $\delta(n)=O(\log n)$.




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