Among the Rocks – a first look at medieval Duweishat, from the archive.

2015-09-28T10:27:48Z (GMT) by David N. Edwards
The Duweishat area of the southern Batn al - Hajar seems likely to represent a not atypical rural settlement landscape of this notoriously rugged and inhospitable region, and one almost equidistant (c. 110 km) from the two major medieval centres of Sai and Faras. If the wider region is more popularly glos sed as the “Belly of Stones”, as suggested by Herman Bell, its Nubian/Nobiin form of Kídin Tuu may better be re presented as ‘among the rocks’ . I ts core was the area between Saras and Kidin Kony (‘the upstream end of the rocks’) in Sonki (Bell 1970: 44 - 46) , with Duweishat very much in its belly. Such a name does not misrepresent this area , far, in many ways from Old Dongola, the site of so much of Włod ek Godlewski ’s varied research at the heart of medieval Makuria . [Opening paragraph]




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