Approaching the Macedonian Peloponnese

2010-03-18T12:01:31Z (GMT) by D. Graham J. Shipley
The present paper covers a mere century and a half: the early hellenistic period. This phase of Peloponnesian history has not yet been the focus of a dedicated study, though Tarn and Walbank, for example, offer important discussions in the course of their political-military studies, and there are many relevant geographical-historical observations by in the works of Curtius, Baladié, and others. My particular interest is in discovering to what extent the Peloponnese developed differently because of the actions of Macedonian warlords and, later, kings. To put it another way, I wish to know whether the Peloponnese would have developed differently without the Macedonians. [Taken from 2nd paragraph]




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