Authentic recipes from around the world

The book is part of a larger research project, Consuming Authenticities: Time, Place and the Past in the Construction of Authentic Foods and Drinks, which is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council in relation to their major research theme, Care for the Future: Thinking Forward through the Past. We are exploring authenticity in relation to foods and drinks from different parts of the world that feature in this book: pulque (an alcoholic drink from central Mexico), flaounes (celebration Easter pies from Cyprus), Welsh craft cider, and acarajé (a street snack from Brazil). Our work also combines academic expertise with the expertise of various practitioners: food and drink producers, chefs, food writers, heritage and museum professionals and others. We hope to foster increased awareness about the complexity of cultural and historical relationships involved in the culinary sphere and in defining authenticity, by bringing together people and perspectives from food cultures around the world.