Creating a New(s) View of the Environment: How Children's News Offers New Insights intoNews Forms, Imagined Audiences and the Production of Environmental Issues

2015-09-01T08:58:52Z (GMT) by Julian Matthews
Based on a production study of children's news, this article examines the unique new(s) views of the environment created by news programming. Children's news programmes, such as the BBC's programme Newsround, construct a new(s) view of environmental degradation. Studying the children's news programme thus provides insights into the unexplored relationship between news differentiation and environmental news representations. This particular investigation explores and demonstrates how Newsround and its informing conception of its child audience produces a simplified and personalized view of the environment, which powerfully undermines a reasoned understanding of the relationship between human beings and the natural world. By this means it examines the important connections between news conventions, news programmes and new(s) views of the environment.