Creative intimacy: Using creative practice to express intimate worlds. In Donovan C and Moss P (eds) Researching Intimate Acts. Ashgate.

2018-09-28T09:02:48Z (GMT) by Clare Madge
In contributing to the intimate turn in geography (Valentine, 2008; Price, 2013; Pain and Staeheli, 2014; Smith, 2016), this chapter explores how creative practice might be used to contemplate geographical questions of intimacy. In particular, I consider whether creative practice might be a means of ‘writing ourselves differently’ (Tamas, 2009, p.1) in this move towards intimacy. Below I deliberate several questions: What are some of the potentials and limitations of creative practice for expressing intimate worlds? What challenges does intimate creativity pose for analytical strategies, and how might such analytical quandaries be traversed?




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