Data Resource Profile: The ALSPAC birth cohort as a platform to study the relationship of environment and health and social factors.

This resource profile describes the information about the physical and social environment collected within the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) birth cohort. This includes spatial and temporal information gathered on three generations about: area-level built and social characteristics (e.g. density and location of fast-food outlets, crime rates within a neighbourhood); exposure measurements (e.g. air pollution concentrations, temperature records); participant-reported data directly related to the spaces and places they inhabit (e.g. neighbourhood safety, presence of damp within a home); information directly measured from participants (e.g. blood lead and total mercury concentrations, physical activity); the location information needed to link these diverse data. We describe the platform’s previous uses, strengths and weaknesses and access arrangements, emphasizing confidentiality safeguard controls. This profile highlights a particular class of ALSPAC data (with distinct access arrangements) to promote the potential for incorporating physical environment and other spatially-dependent data into research investigations.




CC BY 4.0