Forward-Invariant Peeling in Chemical Dynamics: a Simple Case Study

2017-03-21T10:12:37Z (GMT) by A. N. Gorban
Forward-invariant peeling aims to produce forward-invariant subset from a given set in phase space. The structure of chemical kinetic equations allows us to describe the general operations of the forward-invariant peeling. For example, we study a simple reaction network with three components A1,A2,A3 and reactions A1 → A2 → A3 → A1, 2A1 ⇌ 3A2 (without any stoichiometric conservation law). We assume that kinetics obey the classical mass action law and reaction rate constants are positive intervals 0 0). In particular, this construction proves persistence of this kinetic system (a positive solution cannot approach the origin even asymptotically, as t → ∞).