Images Of Research 2016

<p><u><b>Images Of Research 2016 Winners:</b></u></p> <p> </p> <p>Damian Roland – ‘Spotting the Sick Child – Development of the ‘POPS’ tool‘ - Winner of the Best Image from the College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology</p> <p>Sarah Hainsworth – ‘Fly Pupae’ - Winner of the Best Image from the College of Science and Engineering</p> <p>Stevie-Jade Hardy – ‘A Human Right’ - Winner of the Best Image from the College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities</p> <p>Chris Nixon – ‘Star Eaters’ - Winner of the Peoples Choice Award</p> <p>Mark Williams – ‘Creature From the Black Lagoon’ - Winner of the Best Postgraduate Researcher Image</p> <p>Josephina Sampson – ‘Clustered centrosomes in cancer’ - Second Place for the Best Postgraduate Researcher Image</p> <p> </p> <p><br></p> <p><u><b>Images Of Research 2016 successful submissions:</b></u></p> <p> </p> <p>Aarti Patel – ‘Untitled’</p> <p>Alex Sutton – ‘Visualisations to assist the analysis of “Which treatment is best?”: a collaboration between medical statisticians and computer scientists from academia and industry’</p> <p>Andrew Fry – ‘Understanding the mechanics of cancer cell division’</p> <p>Andrew Hopper – ‘Leicester historians with the wheelchair of Sir Thomas Fairfax at the National Civil War Centre’</p> <p>Benjamin Hall – ‘The Martian Space Plasma Environment’</p> <p>Chee Kay Cheung – ‘Shining a light into the kidney’</p> <p>Christine Pulla – ‘The web of life’</p> <p>Clare Gunby – ‘The Pocket‘</p> <p>Dan Stewart – ‘Geophysical Survey of Roman Knossos’</p> <p>David Siveter – ‘Spectacular 430 MILLION-YEAR-OLD ‘VIRTUAL FOSSILS’ help interpret the evolution of life’</p> <p>Dawn Watkins – ‘Law in Children’s Lives ‘</p> <p>Duncan Murdock – ‘Fossils Are Rotten’</p> <p>Elizabeth Jones – ‘Small Town Urbanity in Nineteenth-Century Wales.’</p> <p>Emma Jones – ‘An invitation to imagine a world where complete accounts of research are always published’</p> <p>Emma Raven – ‘Iron Heart of the Crystal – Neutron crystal structure of ascorbate peroxidase compound II’</p> <p>Geoff Belknap – ‘Citizen Science, and the Uncovering of History of Female Scientists’</p> <p>Giannis Koukkidis – ‘Salads and <i>Salmonellas’</i></p> <p>Giovanna Puppin – ‘Advertising Cultures‘</p> <p>Janet Nale – ‘<i>Clostridium difficile </i>bacteriophages are effective anti-biofilm agents’</p> <p>John Goodwin – ‘Pearl Jephcott (1900-1980): The ‘Czechoslovakia’ Notebook’</p> <p>Jun Li – ‘Untitled’</p> <p>Kristina Wright – ‘Kenyan artist Michael Soi painting at an exhibition of his work in Seoul, South Korea.’</p> <p>Laura Gray – ‘Are activity trackers telling us the truth about our physical activity level?’</p> <p>Loveday Hodgeson – ‘Feminist International Judgments Project: Women’s Voices in International Law’</p> <p>Luciano Ost – ‘Embedding smart and runtime techniques to improve multi-core systems’ reliability’</p> <p>Maria Theresia Walach – ‘The Auroral Heart’</p> <p>Mesut Erzurumluoglu – ‘Breathtaking genes’</p> <p>Michael Barer – ‘SURVIVAL OF THE FATTEST – a TB bacterium (approximately 0.003 mm in length)’</p> <p>Nicholas Vass – ‘Visual Community Organising’</p> <p>Paul Dickinson – ‘A Brightspot on a glass darkly’</p> <p>Emmanuel Georgoulis, Dr Andrew Norozov and Andrea Cangiani – ‘Chaotic Ice Cream Cones’</p> <p>Ravi Purohit, Dr Zhanhan Tu, Helen Kuht – ‘Infants’ eye scan’</p> <p>Rob Hirst – ‘Transmission Electron Microscope image of the unusual case of swollen human respiratory cilia’</p> <p>Rona Aldo – ‘Supersonic flow modelling thrusts forward airframe-engine design integration of large twin aircraft’</p> <p>Rozita Adib – ‘The microtubule cytoskeleton‘</p> <p>Ruslan Davidchack – ‘Tadpole’</p> <p>Sarah Johnson – ‘Persistence of Flood Waters - Vale of York - Autumn 2015’</p> <p>Sarah Thornton – ‘Senyum‘</p> <p>Tu Zhanhan – ‘Hope’</p> <p>Wendy Fitzgibbon – ‘Supervisible’</p> <p>Yewande Okuleye – ‘Sense about Cannabis’</p> <p> </p>