Images Of Research 2017

Images Of Research 2017 Winners:

Andrew Blain - “Mauna Kea Panorama” - Winner of the Best Image from the College of Science and Engineering

Christopher Nedza - “A Slice of Fish” - People’s Choice Award

Oliver Williams – “The Price of Inequality: Health is a Social Issue” - Winner of the Best Image from the College of Life Sciences

Dr Clare Gunby and Dr Rebecca Barnes - “Coercive control” - Winner of the Best Image from the College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities and Winner of the Best Staff Image

Tim Hannigan - “Dervla: dog, book, beer” - Winner of the Best PGR Image

Images Of Research 2017 successful submissions:

Amanda Gillam - “1700s Europe - An early example of Angel/ Russian map-work collaboration”

Andy Beardmore - “Lord of the Rings - Return of the King”

Angela Stienne - “Not a mummy: behind the scene at the British Museum”

Azzah Alharbi - “In vitro modelling of inflammatory platelet leukocyte aggregates in sepsis”

Chanhyo Jeong - “Pictures of incongruity in organisational space”

Charlotte Van Pegenmortel - “A Fort with a View: Panakton overlooking the Oinoe Plain”

Charly Feldman - “Fun at PANTER, MPE, Germany”

Christian Faber - “How to feed a supermassive black hole”

Clare Anderson - “Convict Graveyard, Abashiri, Japan”

Daryl Blanks - “What Lies Beneath”

Diane Urquhart - “The Prison Puzzle: In search of the missing pieces”

Emily Williams - “Stories in Stone (and Bone)”

Emma Parker – “Joe Orton: 50 Years On”

Eva Krockow – “Pick ‘n’ Mix Antibiotics”

Georgios Patsiaouras – “Protest Art for Social Change”

Gina Fox – “The ‘Dissertation Journey: Thinking Out Loud' project”

Ian Powley – “Immune Landing”

Javier Williams – “Early medieval germanic jewellery: ornament or symbol?”

Jun Li – “The city with a public garden”

Lanzhou Luo – “Reconstructing The Nation”

Laura O’Regan – “Super-resolution imaging: breaking the diffraction barrier to understand how cells work”

Layal Jambi – “Giant steps into medical imaging”

Magdalena Brzeska - “Homelessness amongst polish migrants in leicester and derby”

Mark Williams – “The fossil worm that turned”

Martina Santilan – “Going shopping or making art?”

Maxwell Rayner - “Recovering signs of Spring”

Michael Wilde – “Breathprint”

Miranda Chavis – “Reflections of Community”

Neda Nexam Abadi – “A keen observer”

Robert Ott – “The Hammer”

Rosalinde Nicholls – “Rock ‘n’ roll in rivers”

Sarah Andrews - “The structure of life”

Sarah Cook – “Makan nanas?“

Sean Blackwell – “Power, Display, and Identity”

Shawn Bhimani - “Human Trafficking”

Simon James - “Eagle’s eye view of ancient Dura-Europos, Syria, c.AD220, from the North”

Stephanie Bowry - “The Secret Garden”

Tom Matherson – “The gene genie“

Wendy Fitzgibbon – “Calm & Chaos”

Zakia Shriaz – “Night vision of marijuana cultivations in Toribío, Colombia”