Images Of Research 2018

Images Of Research 2018 Winners:

Martha Papadopoulou – ‘One picture – two worlds’ - Judges' Prize Winner

Mandi Jamalian Hamedani – ‘In search for inner peace’ - Katherine May People's Choice Winner

Olga Yegorova – ‘ “Ni Una Menos, ni una muerta más!” fighting for the lives of Bolivian women’ - Judges' Prize Runner-up

Kate Gooch and Georgine Barkham-Perry – ‘Finding Hope in a Hopeless Place’ - People's Choice Runner-up

Images Of Research 2018 successful submissions:

Abbey Ellis – ‘Something’s Missing’

Emily Castells – ‘Fast-Paced Study in Respiratory Research’

Andrew Blain – ‘Inside the Dish’

Aude Cumont – ‘Army of Mushrooms, by Disinfection Mushrooms’

Ben Parsons – ‘Holey Prayers’

Thomas Newman – ‘Big Sky, Big Future’

Diyana Kasimon – ‘Unity in Diversity’

Jan Vandeburie – ‘Reading Between the Lines’

Philip Evans – ‘Andromeda’s revenge’

John Goodwin – ‘Return to Winston Parva: Sex and Violence at the ‘Regal’’

Yogini Chudasama – ‘Secrets to Living Longer’

Eleni Ganiti – ‘Contemporary Art?’

Emily Richardson – ‘Cellular Fireworks’

Seth O'Neill – ‘Achille's Heat’

Padraig Donnelly – ‘Peering into Jupiter's Atmosphere from Earth’

Colin Hyde – ‘In the midst of life we are in death’

Georgina Lockton – ‘Researching Vehicle Automation in 1960s Britain’

Jan Oliver Ringert and José Miguel Rojas – ‘DriverLeics’

Amy Van Allen – ‘Life in the Andes’

Eva Krockow – ‘Line Up and Take Note’

Yewande Okuleye – ‘Hemp Seeds in Safe Hands’

Rod Moore - 'Vaping'