Model of Jupiter's Current Sheet With a Piecewise Current Density

We develop a new empirical model of Jupiter's equatorial current sheet or magnetodisk, constructed by combining successful elements from several previous models. The new model employs a disk-like current of constant north-south thickness in which the current density is piecewise dependent on the distance ρ from Jupiter's dipole axis, proportional to ρ −1 at distances between ∼7 and ∼30 R J and again at distances between ∼50 and ∼95 R J , and to be continuous in value but proportional to ρ −2 at distances between. For this reason we term the model the Piecewise Current Disk model. The model also takes into account the curvature of the magnetodisk with distance and azimuth due to finite radial propagation speed and solar wind effects. It is taken to be applicable in the radial distance range between ∼5 and ∼60 R J . Optimized parameters have been determined for Juno magnetic field data obtained on Perijove-01, with the model showing overall the lowest root-mean-square deviation from the data compared with similarly optimized earlier models.




CC BY 4.0