MyoSpat: A system for manipulating sound and light through hand gestures

2020-05-26T14:21:09Z (GMT) by Balandino Di Donato James Dooley

MyoSpat is an interactive audio-visual system that aims to augment musical performances by empowering musicians and allowing them to directly manipulate sound and light through hand gestures. We present the second iteration of the system that draws from the research findings to emerge from an evaluation of the first system [1]. MyoSpat 2 is designed and developed using the Myo gesture control armband as input device and Pure Data as gesture recognition and audio-visual engine. The system is informed by human-computer interaction (HCI) principles: tangible computing and embodied, sonic and music interaction design (MiXD). This paper reports a description of the system and its audio-visual feedback design. We present an evaluation of the system, its potential use in different multi-media contexts and in exploring embodied, sonic and music interaction principles




CC BY 4.0