Open source agriculture: a root to leaf revolution?

2019-02-14T10:20:19Z (GMT) by Christos Giotitsas
This thesis employs the concept of open source agriculture as a novel social movement which not only advocates a certain agenda but also creates technological products under a unique technology development model. To do so, it brings together social movement and technology theory in order to examine it. Specifically, on the social movement aspect, framing analysis and resource mobilisation theory are employed to identify the collective action frame and the material considerations of the movement respectively. Outcomes of this process are then translated on the technological analysis of this thesis, whereby the technological action frame of the movement will be synthesised using constructivist approaches for technology research (mainly the Social Construction of Technology). This allows for the tracing of values and interests being coded within the technological artefacts the communities produce as well as their development processes. Critical theory of technology is further applied to examine the broader societal impact on the development model.




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