Operation of microchannel plate PMTs with TOFPET multichannel timing electronics

We describe an experimental programme to evaluate TOFPET multichannel timing electronics using microchannel plate PMTs in single photon counting mode. Time resolution measurements were made using: (i) the on-board electronic stim signal; (ii) a Photek PMT210 high speed single anode MCP photomultiplier detector, and; (iii) imaging with a PMT240MA multi-anode MCP detector using a pixelated multi-layer ceramic readout. Experimental measurements using an electronic stim with the ASIC electronics gave a time resolution of 43 ps rms. Detector timing of the PMT210 detector was evaluated using a 40 ps wide pulsed laser with amplitude walk correction using the time over threshold capability of the TOFPET electronics. Single photon timing resolution of better than 100 ps rms was demonstrated. Furthermore, 256 discrete pixel imaging has been demonstrated by coupling a multi-anode pixelated MCP detector to the TOFPET system.