Parallel Algorithms for Generating Distinguishing Sequences for Observable Non-deterministic FSMs

2020-04-08T15:20:12Z (GMT) by Robert M Hierons Uraz Cengiz Türker
A distinguishing sequence (DS) for a finite-state machine (FSM) is an input sequence that distinguishes every pair of states of the FSM. There are techniques that generate a test sequence with guaranteed fault detection power, and it has been found that shorter test sequences can be produced if DSs are used. Despite these benefits, however, until recently the only published DS generation algorithms have been for deterministic FSMs. This article develops a massively parallel algorithm, which can be used in Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) Computing, to generate DSs from partial observable non-deterministic FSMs. We also present the results of experiments using randomly generated FSMs and some benchmark FSMs. The results are promising and indicate that the proposed algorithm can derive DSs from partial observable non-deterministic FSMs with 32,000 states in an acceptable amount of time.