Resisting Planetary Gentrification: The Value of Survivability in the Fight to Stay Put

In-depth studies of and attempts to theorize or conceptualize resistance to gentrification have been somewhat sidelined by attention to the causes and effects of gentrification in the now rather extensive gentrification studies literature. Yet resistance to gentrification is growing internationally and remains a (if not the) key struggle with respect to social justice in cities worldwide. In this article, we address this gap head on by (re)asserting the value of survivability for looking at resistance to gentrifications around the globe. U.S. urban scholars have been at the forefront of writing about resistance to gentrification, especially in cities like San Francisco and New York City, but in a situation of planetary gentrification it is imperative that we learn from other examples. Critically, we argue that practices of survivability can be scaled up, down, and in between, enabling the building of further possibilities in the fight against gentrification, the fight to stay put. There needs to be a stronger and more determined international conversation on the potential of antigentrification practices worldwide and here we argue that survivability has a lot to offer these conversations. 针对反抗贵族化的深度研究与理论化或概念化的企图, 在今日相当广泛的贵族化研究之文献中, 多少因其对贵族化的导因与效应之关注而被排除在外。但反抗贵族化的行动, 在全世界中皆逐渐增加, 并维持作为全世界城市中有关社会正义的主要 (若非唯一重要的) 斗争。我们于本文中, 透过 (重新) 评估存活性在检视全球反抗贵族化中的价值, 直接应对上述阙如。美国的城市研究者, 身处书写反抗贵族化的前沿, 特别是在旧金山与纽约市中, 但在全球性的贵族化境况下, 我们必须从其他的案例中学习。我们批判性地主张, 存活性的实践, 能够上、下调整尺度, 或位居其中, 从而推进打造对抗贵族化的未来可能——一个为了留下来的斗争。对于反贵族化的全球实践, 必须有更强大且更为坚定的国际对话, 而我们于此主张, 存活性对此般对话贡献良多。