Response dataset from Rey et al, Curr Biol, 2020

2020-01-07T09:45:24Z (GMT) by Hernan Rey Rodrigo Quian Quiroga
File 'Reyetal_CB_dataset.mat' has the response dataset associated to the paper:

Rey et al, "Single neuron coding of identity in the human hippocampal formation", Curr. Biol. 2020

There are 3 variables common to all the responses:

time_pre_stim = 1; number of seconds from stimulus onset that were epoched on each trial.
time_pos_stim = 2; number of seconds after stimulus onset that were epoched on each trial.
sr = 30000; sampling rate in Hz

The structure 'resp' has all the responses, with the following fields:

1) sessionID; the session number in which the response was found. From 1 to 16.
2) stimulus_name; the name of the file that was presented as a stimulus
3) recording_site; area where the electrode was implanted. HczD = right hippocampus, HCaI/HKI/HIPI/HipI = left hippocampus, AmiD = right amygdala, AmiI = left amygdala.
4) channel_number; channel number in the recording setup.
5) cluster; cluster following spike sorting. Each cluster is associated to a different putative single neuron.
6) concept_number; identity number in the dataset. From 1 to 47.
7) stim_type; stimulus modality. P = picture, T = text, S = sound.
8) spike_stimes; cell array where each row contains a vector with the spike times associated to the occurrence of each spike, measured in msec for stimulus onset.