Robust stability of uncertain linear systems with input and output quantization and packet loss

2020-04-08T13:37:02Z (GMT) by Lanlan Su Graziano Chesi
This paper investigates the robust stability of uncertain discrete-time linear systems subject to input and output quantization and packet loss. First, a necessary and sufficient condition in terms of LMIs is proposed for the quadratic stability of the closed-loop system with double quantization and norm bounded uncertainty in the plant. Moreover, it is shown that the proposed condition can be exploited to derive the coarsest logarithmic quantization density under which the uncertain plant can be quadratically stabilized via quantized state feedback. Second, a new class of Lyapunov function which depends on the quantization errors in a multilinear way is developed to obtain less conservative results. Lastly, the case with input and output packet-loss channels is investigated.