Should Asian men be included in abdominal aortic aneurysm screening programmes?

Introduction A national AAA screening programme for men aged 65 is shortly to be implemented in England. Trials that have provided evidence for this screening programme have not included information on ethnicity. Hence their findings may not be applicable to ethnically diverse populations. Report This study retrospectively looked at the prevalence of AAA in men aged 65, from different ethnic backgrounds in our city's current screening programme.19014 men (Caucasians n = 18,431, Asian n = 446, others n = 137) were screened. Prevalence was 4.69% (4.39–5% 95% CI), and 0.45% (0.054–1.161% 95% CI) in Caucasians and Asians respectively (Fisher's exact test: P < 0.0001). Discussion Prevalence of AAAs in men aged 65 of Asian origin appears to be low and so increases uncertainty about cost-effectiveness of screening Asian men.



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