The Marketplace of Life? An Exploratory Study of the Commercialization of Water Resources through the Lens of Macromarketing

Considering that marketing research has paid limited attention to water markets and water consumption, we examine the interrelationships among the ongoing crisis in water resources management and macromarketing theory and practice. Contrary to the dominant ideology of unlimited growth and increased global water markets, we discuss some of the consequences of commercial water trading indicating that the area of water marketing can be a useful and fertile context in which to further emphasise the importance of the macromarketing agenda. Employing the lens of macromarketing, we approach and examine the economic, technological, and political dimensions emerging from the commodification and marketization of water resources. We conclude that consideration of a water marketing system can have a positive effect on economic and social development by elaborating on the implementation of public policies for the sustainable consumption of water, commercializing environmental awareness, and communicating consumers’ responsibilities towards the use of water.