The myth of the superwoman: Young men and women’s stories of their future lives

2011-08-17T09:38:21Z (GMT) by Monica T. Whitty
Past research into the hopes and dreams of individuals has focused mainly on mid-adolescence. This study investigated how dreams unfold beyond this age group by exploring: 1. The transition period from adolescence to adulthood (17 years to 22 years); and 2. The 'age-thirty' transition period (28 years to 33 years). The sample (140 men and 140 women) formed two age-based groups with 140 participants in each group. The younger group were found to have developed more grand dreams for the future than the older group. Women, more so than men, foresaw the need to juggle their dreams, such as relationships, children, and a career. Furthermore, a particular type of woman was identified in this research and named the 'superwoman'. 'Superwomen', typically found in the younger age group, wanted to find the perfect partner, have children, and also to become very successful in their careers. Furthermore, there was little time for leisure in these young women's narratives.



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