Using Technology and ADR Methods to Enhance Access to Justice

2019-10-25T12:54:37Z (GMT) by PabloPablo Cortes
This paper discusses how technology and extrajudicial processes can provide a solution to the access to justice problem for self-represented litigants. The paper first observes the need for efficient dispute resolution processes based on a wider concept of access to justice and it argues for greater integration amongst courts and extrajudicial bodies, especially in the consumer sphere which dispute resolution bodies are currently undergoing an institutionalisation process as a result of recent EU legislation. Accordingly, it is argued that access to justice for consumers will only be achieved if they have access to either an accountable and effective extrajudicial scheme that offers adjudication or a truly userfriendly and accessible online court that incorporates alternative dispute resolution techniques as the UK has endeavoured to deliver. To that end this paper examines the policy options for the English Online Court with a particular focus on the challenges faced by litigants in person. Finally, this paper submits that dispute system design changes need to be informed by empirical research and a holistic policy strategy on dispute resolution.