Writing a good research grant proposal

2020-03-26T15:49:09Z (GMT) by EM Boyle
Research is becoming increasingly important in the delivery of paediatric care and in the training of healthcare professionals. Many young clinicians are now looking for some way of becoming involved in research during their training, and some will wish to develop a more formal academic component to their career and/or study for a higher degree in research. Research funding is essential to enable high quality research, but training in how to apply for such funding is relatively limited. This article aims to provide guidance for new researchers setting out to write a research grant proposal. It highlights the importance, at the outset, of selecting the correct research environment, ensuring adequate support and supervision and identifying the necessary knowledge and expertise needed to deliver the project efficiently and effectively. It also covers the important practical steps involved in developing the proposal, writing and submitting the application, and provides suggestions for maximizing chances of success.