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Introduction: Re-imagining Colonial, Pasts, Influencing Colonial Futures

posted on 02.02.2015, 14:41 by Katherine Hayes, Craig Cipolla
[From initial paragraph] Twenty years ago, the Columbian quincentenary inspired archaeologists to initiate conversations and debates about colonialism that extended well beyond Columbus specifically and modern European expansion in general. These conversations were particularly poignant and fraught among archaeologists in the Americas. Not only did they touch upon the raw nerve of the newly passed Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA), they also brought attention to the gaping ontological and epistemological divides in our discipline over temporality and subjectivity. In the years that followed, we turned more attention to the question of colonialism and have found not one but many processes and historical outcomes and found not two categories of people involved (colonizer and colonized) but a vast plurality of variously gendered, racialized, aged, and occupied peoples of a multitude of faiths, desires, associations, and constraints.



Hayes, Katherine ;Cipolla, Craig , Introduction: Re-imagining Colonial, Pasts, Influencing Colonial Futures, ed. Cipolla,Craig N, ;Katherine Hayes, , 'Rethinking Colonialism: Comparative Archaeologial Appraoches', University Press of Florida, 2015

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