Prison Design and Carceral Space

2015-02-17T15:01:51Z (GMT) by D. Moran Y. Jewkes Jen E. Turner
Prison design is crucial to the relationship between the ‘carceral’ and the state, in that it is the process which largely determines how the goals of a criminal justice system, and the wider society in which justice is enacted, are materially expressed. With this in mind, this chapter pursues the notion that the design of carceral space has a significant role to play in understanding the aims of a prison system and the experiences of living and working in prisons. After outlining the policy context for current UK prison building, the chapter describes the processes involved in the construction of new-build prisons and the imperatives (both overt and covert) which shape their design. It briefly draws out contrasts between the UK and penal regimes in other countries and suggests that both the intentions behind their design and the lived experience of the resulting prisons are worthy of further interrogation.




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