Assessing the Impact of Space School UK

Space School UK (SSUK) is aseries ofsummer residential programmesfor secondary school agedstudents,held at the University of Leicester over 3 weeks each year. Each programme involves space-related activities run by a team of mentors -currently including university students, graduates, teachers and young professionals associated with the spacesector -all of whom attendedSSUKas students themselves. It includes the 6-day Space School UK and the 8-day Senior Space School UK (collectively SSUK) which are for 13–15 and 16–18 year olds respectively.This paper seeks to evaluate and present the benefits of SSUKto individuals who participate in the programme, organisations involved in the running of SSUK,andtohighlightand promote these benefits to the wider UK and globalspace community.We also address which facets of SSUK make for such an engaging and encouraging experience for the students, that are missing from students’ traditional education. We seek to show how SSUK acts as an excellent example of how to bridge the gap between secondary and tertiary space education. Through an analysis of our alumni survey results, we show that attending SSUKhas a significant impact on career choices and prepares students for Higher Education, regardless of background. Some groups, such as females, and those from non-selective schools, reported a higher impact insome of these areas than others.Metrics such as skills learned, goals achieved, alongside knowledge of careers and Higher Education possibilities are discussed for various demographics.



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