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On the generation of the mean velocity profile for turbulent boundary layers with pressure gradient under equilibrium conditions.

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conference contribution
posted on 03.11.2009, 14:36 by Aldo Rona, M. Grottadaurea, M. Monti, C. Airiau, T. Gandhi
The generation of a fully turbulent boundary layer profile is investigated using analytical and numerical methods over the Reynolds number range 300 ≤ Reθ ≤ 31000. The predictions are validated against reference wind tunnel measurements under zero streamwise pressure gradient. The analytical method is then tested for a low and moderate adverse pressure gradient. Comparison against experimental and DNS data show a good predictive ability under a zero pressure gradient and a moderate adverse pressure gardient, with the numerical method providing a complete velocity profile through the laminar sub-layer down to the wall. The application of the method is useful to computational fluid dynamic practitioners for generating an equilibrium thick turbulent boundary layer at the computational domain inflow.



CEAS 2009 European Air and Space Conference, Manchester, 26-29 October 2009, Proceedings of

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CEAS 2009 European Air and Space Conference


Council of European Aerospace Societies (CEAS)

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This is the author's final draft of the paper presented at CEAS 2009 European Air and Space Conference, Manchester, 26-29 October 2009. Further information about CEAS events can be found at http://www.ceas.org/



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