The Importance of a Simple Astronomy Club in a Science-Closed City

2020-07-08T11:18:57Z (GMT) by Luis Ricardo Pereira Lima
Manaus is a city in the heart of the Amazonian Rainforest that did not have any scientific interest whatsoever. My city lives in a constant fight against any kind of scientific relevance, that causes a population that lacks the most basic understanding of how our universe works, since 2016, a group that I’m part is working to make this situation better, we formed an Astronomy Club in our University, since the city had none like it, and we observed some changes after our work to disseminate science started. First, people of the city started to attend more and more to scientific events that started showing up here and there, then, some events that were only about pop culture and other kinds of entertainment started asking our presence to participate and spread our knowledge to the more common folk. This work continued and more and more people are starting to see science differently, with this job we want to create a more open-minded cityto new experiences in astronomy, physics and other matters.




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