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Thixoforming of Stellite Powder Compacts

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conference contribution
posted on 05.11.2010, 12:52 by S. C. Hogg, Helen V. Atkinson, P. Kapranos
Thixoforming involves processing metallic alloys in the semi-solid state. The process requires the microstructure to be spheroidal when part-solid and part-liquid i.e. to consist of solid spheroids surrounded by liquid. The aim of this work was to investigate whether powder compacts can be used as feedstock for thixoforming and whether the consolidating pressure in the thixoformer can be used to remove porosity from the compact. The powder compacts were made from stellite 6 and stellite 21 alloys, cobalt-based alloys widely used for e.g. manufacturing prostheses. Isothermal heat treatments of small samples in the consolidated state showed the optimum thixoforming temperature to be in the range 1340˚C-1350˚C for both materials. The alloys were thixoformed into graphite dies and flowed easily to fill the die. Porosity in the thixoformed components was lower than in the starting material. Hardness values at various positions along the radius of the thixoformed demonstrator component were above the specification for both alloys.



Hogg, S.C; Atkinson H.V; Kapranos, P. ‘Thixoforming of Stellite Powder Compacts’ in Cueto, E; Chinesta, F. (ed), AIP Conference Proceedings, Vol. 907 (1), 10th ESAFORM Conference on Material Forming, (American Institute of Physics © 2007) pp. 1191-1198.

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