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Wiki future gazing.

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conference contribution
posted on 24.06.2009, 14:09 by Sandra Romenska
Higher education institutions operate in a “borderless” and complex environment, abundant in potentially useful information. The Creating Academic Learning Futures (CALF) research project, carried out in partnership by the University of Leicester and University College Falmouth in the UK, involves the development of research approaches and tools to inform strategic thinking within the institution about the future of higher education. One of the aims of the CALF project is to design and test means of structuring and filtering information, in order to facilitate institutional strategic decision-making in participative and creative ways. This work has led to the creation of a web-based tool – the CALF project wiki – which provides a means for eliciting and structuring ideas and information from students about possible futures in higher education in innovative and creative ways.



Short paper presented at the EDEN 2009 conference, Gdansk, Poland, 10-13 June 2009.

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Short paper presented at the EDEN 2009 conference

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