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Adult Age Differences in Parafoveal Preview Effects in Reading: Evidence from Chinese

posted on 20.08.2021, 07:54 by Kevin PatersonKevin Paterson
These are data for an eye movement experiment that examined parafoveal processing of two word followed a fixated word during reading (words N+1 and N+2) by young (18-30 years) and older (65+ years) adult readers. The experiment was conducted in Chinese with native Chinese readers. The data files provide eye movement data with the R script showing the linear mixed effects modelling code used to analyse these data. Word and sentence level data are included, alongside files for specific word-level eye movement measures.

The files are separated into eye movement data for word N (the fixated word), word N+1 (the next word along) and word N+2 (the second word along). Measures reported are first-fixation duration (FFD), single fixation duration (SFD), gaze duration (GD), total reading time (TT), regressions out (probability of a first pass regression from a word) and word-skipping (SKIP).