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Images Of Research 2017

posted on 04.03.2020, 14:07 by Kelly McCormackKelly McCormack, Andrew Blain, Christopher Nedza, Oliver Williams, Clare Gunby, Rebecca Barnes, Tim Hannigan, Amanda Gillam, Andy Beardmore, Angela Stienne, Azzah Alharbi, Chanhyo Jeong, Charlotte Van Regenmortel, Charly Feldman, Christian Faber, Clare Anderson, Daryl Blanks, Diane UrquhartDiane Urquhart, Emily Williams, Emma Parker, Eva Krockow, Georgios Patsiaouras, Gina Fox, Ian Powley, Javier Williams, Jun Li, Lanzhou Luo, Laura O'Regan, Layal Jambi, Magdalena Brzeska, Mark Williams, Martina Santillan, Maxwell Rayner, Michael WildeMichael Wilde, Miranda Chavis, Neda Nezam Abadi, Robert Ott, Rosalinde Nicholls, Sarah Andrews, Sarah Cook, Shawn Bhimani, Simon James, Stephanie Bowry, Tom Matherson, Wendy Fitzgibbon, Zakia Shiraz

Images Of Research 2017 Winners:

Andrew Blain - “Mauna Kea Panorama” - Winner of the Best Image from the College of Science and Engineering

Christopher Nedza - “A Slice of Fish” - People’s Choice Award

Oliver Williams – “The Price of Inequality: Health is a Social Issue” - Winner of the Best Image from the College of Life Sciences

Dr Clare Gunby and Dr Rebecca Barnes - “Coercive control” - Winner of the Best Image from the College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities and Winner of the Best Staff Image

Tim Hannigan - “Dervla: dog, book, beer” - Winner of the Best PGR Image

Images Of Research 2017 successful submissions:

Amanda Gillam - “1700s Europe - An early example of Angel/ Russian map-work collaboration”

Andy Beardmore - “Lord of the Rings - Return of the King”

Angela Stienne - “Not a mummy: behind the scene at the British Museum”

Azzah Alharbi - “In vitro modelling of inflammatory platelet leukocyte aggregates in sepsis”

Chanhyo Jeong - “Pictures of incongruity in organisational space”

Charlotte Van Pegenmortel - “A Fort with a View: Panakton overlooking the Oinoe Plain”

Charly Feldman - “Fun at PANTER, MPE, Germany”

Christian Faber - “How to feed a supermassive black hole”

Clare Anderson - “Convict Graveyard, Abashiri, Japan”

Daryl Blanks - “What Lies Beneath”

Diane Urquhart - “The Prison Puzzle: In search of the missing pieces”

Emily Williams - “Stories in Stone (and Bone)”

Emma Parker – “Joe Orton: 50 Years On”

Eva Krockow – “Pick ‘n’ Mix Antibiotics”

Georgios Patsiaouras – “Protest Art for Social Change”

Gina Fox – “The ‘Dissertation Journey: Thinking Out Loud' project”

Ian Powley – “Immune Landing”

Javier Williams – “Early medieval germanic jewellery: ornament or symbol?”

Jun Li – “The city with a public garden”

Lanzhou Luo – “Reconstructing The Nation”

Laura O’Regan – “Super-resolution imaging: breaking the diffraction barrier to understand how cells work”

Layal Jambi – “Giant steps into medical imaging”

Magdalena Brzeska - “Homelessness amongst polish migrants in leicester and derby”

Mark Williams – “The fossil worm that turned”

Martina Santilan – “Going shopping or making art?”

Maxwell Rayner - “Recovering signs of Spring”

Michael Wilde – “Breathprint”

Miranda Chavis – “Reflections of Community”

Neda Nexam Abadi – “A keen observer”

Robert Ott – “The Hammer”

Rosalinde Nicholls – “Rock ‘n’ roll in rivers”

Sarah Andrews - “The structure of life”

Sarah Cook – “Makan nanas?“

Shawn Bhimani - “Human Trafficking”

Simon James - “Eagle’s eye view of ancient Dura-Europos, Syria, c.AD220, from the North”

Stephanie Bowry - “The Secret Garden”

Tom Matherson – “The gene genie“

Wendy Fitzgibbon – “Calm & Chaos”

Zakia Shriaz – “Night vision of marijuana cultivations in Toribío, Colombia”


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