Magnetospheric Geonome Project 2010

2020-06-26T19:52:10Z (GMT) by Stephen Milan
Magnetospheric Geonome Project: sequencing convection state

Magnetospheric convection state for the duration of 2010. States include:

1:weak activity,
2:growth phase,
3:expansion phase,
4:driven phase,
5:multiple intensifications,
6:recovery phase,
7:recovery bay,
8:driven phase onset, and
9:no data.

Each line has the format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm X:state descriptor

In each case except 8, the time marks the beginning of a new state of activity, which runs until the following time. In the case of 8, the time marks the occurrence of a driven phase onset, all of which occur during driven phases (4).

Methodology is described in:

Magnetic flux transport in the Dungey cycle during 2010
S. E. Milan, J. A. Carter, H. Sangha, G. Bower, B. J. Anderson
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics, submitted, 2020