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Portion size effect in rats

posted on 17.01.2019, 08:33 by James McCutcheonJames McCutcheon
This spreadsheet contains data from a series of experiments that tested the existence of a portion size effect in rats. The portion size effect has been widely replicated in humans but it is not known if it exists in animals. Understanding whether it does exist or not in animals will provide insight into the mechanisms that drive the effect in humans.
The experiments were conducted at University of Leicester, UK ('mccutcheon_data.xls') and at Bucknell University ('myers_data.xls'). Data include results from five behavioral experiments which are described in detail in the paper that will accompany the dataset on Biorxiv and submitted for publication (Pinder et al, doi to follow).


BBSRC #BB/M007391/1

European Commission #GA631404


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