Protein preference and photometry I

2019-02-08T14:28:30Z (GMT) by James McCutcheon
These data files are from an experiment investigating protein preference behaviour and associated neural activity in ventral tegmental area.

Data files are acquired via Tucker Davis Tech. hardware and represent fluorescent signals recorded in a fibre photometry experiment with associated timestamps showing licking behaviour and sipper presentation. Full description of the methods is published on bioRxiv (

The raw data files from TDT which include all signals and videos are archived in two 7zip-compressed files - PPP1_tdtfiles.7z and PPP3_tdtfiles.7z - and require the accompanying .xls workbooks to know details of each file (e.g. rat ID, dietary condition etc).

Files in which data streams and timestamps have been extracted into Matlab (.mat) files are also provided - PPP1_matfiles.7z and PPP3_matfiles.7z - and are considerably less bulky.

Partially analysed files (.pickle) in which signals have been aligned to behavioural events of interest and both cohorts of rats are combined are also provided and can be imported into Python using the dill module.

Finally, the pandas dataframes used to make all figures and perform stats are also included as a .pickle file, which is the smallest and easiest to download (ppp_dfs_pref.pickle).