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Spirals, shadows and precession in HD 100453 - II: The hidden companion

posted on 03.09.2020, 11:06 by Rebecca NealonRebecca Nealon, Nicolás Cuello, Jean-François Gonzalez, Van der Plas, Gerrit, Christophe Pinte, François Ménard, Richard Alexander, Daniel PriceDaniel Price
Data to recreate the published plots/replicate most results. Codes used are publicly available or on request (Phantom, MCFOST and REBOUND). Specifically, files included:

- initial condition for Figure 2 + input file for Phantom simulation

- Phantom simulation files for Figure 4 + input file for MCFOST radiative transfer (command line used at end of this file)

- input commands for REBOUND to recreate Figure 5


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