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EML4-ALKv3 expressing cells

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posted on 03.12.2018, 09:39 by Marie NugentMarie Nugent, Laura O'Regan
Lay summary and brief biological or clinical significance
Cancer cells contain genetic mutations that lead to important changes in their properties. This includes changes in shape and movement that result from alterations to the underlying cellular architecture. The expression of certain EML4-ALK variants induces altered morphology and migration that may accelerate the metastatic spread of the cancer.

Technical summary
Human U2OS osteosarcoma cells stably expressing YFP-EML4-ALKv3 were fixed in ice-cold methanol and stained with antibodies against GFP (green) and α-tubulin (red). DNA was stained with Hoechst 33258 (blue).

Imaging Details


Leica Confocal TCS SP5

Image Capture Software

Leica Software

Laser(s) used
(if applicable)

50 mW diode 405 nm; 100 mW Argon laser 488; 10 mW DPSS 561 nm

Fluorophores used
(if applicable)

Primary: GFP (rabbit); α-tubulin (mouse)

Secondary: Alexa fluor goat anti rabbit 488; Alexa fluor goat anti mouse 594, Hoechst 33258


X63 Plan Apo


Institutional Strategic Support Fund 2011/12.

Wellcome Trust

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