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Online Sexual Harassment School Policy

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posted on 09.07.2020, 14:43 authored by Kaitlynn MendesKaitlynn Mendes, Sexplain UK, Jessica RingroseJessica Ringrose, Tanya Horeck

This policy is intended for use in secondary schools in England and Wales. It seeks to

support senior leaders in ensuring that:

● All school staff understand what ‘online sexual harassment’ means

● A whole-school approach is embedded so that young people understand what ‘online sexual harassment’ is, instances of online sexual harassment are prevented from occurring, and victims are empowered to report perpetrators

● All staff are equipped with the knowledge needed to deal with disclosures

Curriculum in RSE and other subjects addresses issues related to online sexual harassment, including ensuring young people understand what constitutes online sexual harassment, their rights and how to seek support.

This document can be read alongside our Online Sexual Harassment Comprehensive Guidance.


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