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Photographs of Ritual Specialist Chanting the Lotud Mamanpang (Creation Myth) in the Sumalud Healing Ritual of the Lotud Dusun Community, Tuaran District, Sabah, East Malaysia

posted on 10.05.2022, 09:39 by Yunci CaiYunci Cai, Judeth John Baptist, Jacqueline Pugh-Kitingan, Hanafi Hussin

These photographs show our project team at work video-documenting the recital of the Lotud mamanpang (creation myth) in consultation with Puan Singkaban Bte Kuil (Odun Badin), Puan Pulih Bte Poyon (Odun Gading), Puan Tumbigo Bte Anggun (Odun Ribut) and Puan Bilod Bte Ebin (Odun Lumanjar), four Lotud ritual specialists (tantagas). The cultural documentation was conducted by Judeth John Baptist, and assisted by Lawrence Kating. It took place in September 2021 at Kampung Panjut in the Tuaran District, Sabah, East Malaysia.


University of Leicester’s QR Global Challenges Research Fund (Research England)