Magnetic anisotropy and superspin glass behaviour of Fe nanoparticles embedded in Cr and Ag matrices

Static and dynamical magnetic properties of Fe nanoparticles (NPs) embedded in non - magnetic (Ag) and antiferromagnetic (Cr) matrices with a volume filling fraction (VFF) of 10% have been investigated . In both Fe@Ag and Fe@Cr nanocomposites , the Fe nanoparticles have a narrow size distribution, with a mean particle diameter around 2 nm. In both samples , the saturation magnetization reaches that of Fe bulk bcc, suggesting the absence of alloying with the matrices. The coercivity at 5 K is much larger in Fe@Cr than in Fe@Ag as a result of the strong interaction between the Fe NPs and the Cr matrix. Temperature - dependent magnetization and ac - susceptibility measurements point out further evidence of the enhanced inter - particle interaction in the Fe@Cr system . While the behavior of Fe@Ag indicates the presence of weakly interacting magnetic monodomain particles with a wide distribution of blocking temperatures , Fe@Cr behaves like a superspin glass produced by the magnetic interaction between nanoparticles.




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