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A simple, reproducible method for monitoring the treatment of tumours using dynamic contrast-enhanced MR imaging

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posted on 04.08.2015, 09:20 by Bruno Morgan, J. F. Utting, A. Higginson, A. L. Thomas, William Patrick P. Steward, Mark Andrew Horsfield
Dynamic contrast-enhanced MR imaging (DCE-MRI) may act as a biomarker for successful cancer therapy. Simple, reproducible techniques may widen this application. This paper demonstrates a single slice imaging technique. The image acquisition is performed in less than 500 ms making it relatively insensitive to respiratory motion. Data from phantom studies and a reproducibility study in solid human tumours are presented. The reproducibility study showed a coefficient of variation (CoV) of 19.1% for K(trans) and 15.8% for the initial area under the contrast enhancement curve (IAUC). This was improved to 16 and 13.9% if tumours of diameter less than 3 cm were excluded. The individual repeatability (the range within which individual measurements are expected to fall) was 30.6% for K(trans) and 26.5% for IAUC for tumours greater than 3 cm diameter. This approach to DCE-MRI image acquisition can be performed with standard clinical scanners, and data analysis is straightforward. For treatment trials with 10 patients in a cohort, the CoV implies that the method would be sensitive to a treatment effect of greater than 18%. The individual repeatability is well inside the 40% change shown to be important in clinical studies using this DCE-MRI technique.



British Journal of Cancer, 2006, 94 (10), pp. 1420-1427

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