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Attitudes towards User Experience (UX) Measurement

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posted on 03.09.2013, 14:47 by Lai-Chong Law, Paul van Schaik
User experience (UX), as an immature research area, is still haunted by the challenges of defining the scope of UX in general and operationalising experiential qualities in particular. To explore the basic question whether UX constructs are measurable, we conducted semi-structured interviews with eleven UX professionals where a set of questions in relation to UX measurement were explored. The interviewees expressed scepticism as well as ambivalence towards UX measures and shared anecdotes related to such measures in different contexts. Besides, the data suggested that design-oriented UX professionals tended to be sceptical about UX measurement. To examine whether such an attitude prevailed in the HCI community, we conducted a survey with essentially the same set of questions used in the interviews. Altogether 367 responses were received; 170 of them were valid and analysed. The survey provided empirical evidence on this issue as a baseline for progress in UX measurement. Overall, results indicated that attitude was favourable and there were nuanced views on details of UX measurement, implying good prospects for its acceptance, given further progress in research and education in UX measurement where UX modelling grounded in theories can play a crucial role. Mutual recognition of the value of objective measures and subjective accounts of user experience can enhance the maturity of this area.



International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 2013, in press

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