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Comparison of TSEP Performances Operating at Homogeneous and Inhomogeneous Temperature Distribution in Multichip IGBT Power Modules

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posted on 08.02.2021, 15:48 by C Chen, V Pickert, B Ji, C Ji, A Knoll, C Ng
Temperature Sensitive Electrical Parameters (TSEPs) are used to determine the chip temperature of a single-chip IGBT power module by measuring one electrical device parameter. Commonly, most TSEPs have a linear relationship between the chip temperature and the electrical parameter. Like any sensor, preferred attributes of TSEPs include good accuracy, linearity, and sensitivity. For multichip Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (mIGBTs) modules, these can only be achieved when all chips have the same temperature. Equal chip temperatures among different semiconductor chips can be achieved when placing mIGBTs in environmental chambers to produce a homogeneous temperature distribution (HTD). In real applications, however, mIGBTs are power cycled and are exposed to inhomogeneous temperature distribution (ITD) where temperature differences exist between chips. Consequently, measuring one electric parameter only cannot represent each chip temperature which impacts the TSEP sensitivity, linearity, and accuracy. This paper compares the performance of ten TSEPs applied to a mIGBT module operating at HTD and ITD conditions in order to determine which TSEPs are most suitable for mIGBTs in real applications.


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