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Coral Sr/Ca-based sea surface temperature and air temperature variability from the inshore and offshore corals in the Seribu Islands, Indonesia

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posted on 07.03.2019, 09:07 by SY Cahyarini, J Zinke, S Troelstra, Suharsono, E Aldrian, BW Hoeksema
The ability of massive Porites corals to faithfully record temperature is assessed. Porites corals from Kepulauan Seribu were sampled from one inshore and one offshore site and analyzed for their Sr/Ca variation. The results show that Sr/Ca of the offshore coral tracked SST, while Sr/Ca variation of the inshore coral tracked ambient air temperature. In particular, the inshore SST variation is related to air temperature anomalies of the urban center of Jakarta. The latter we relate to air-sea interactions modifying inshore SST associated with the land-sea breeze mechanism and/or monsoonal circulation. The correlation pattern of monthly coral Sr/Ca with the Niño3.4 index and SEIO-SST reveals that corals in the Seribu islands region respond differently to remote forcing. An opposite response is observed for inshore and offshore corals in response to El Niño onset, yet similar to El Niño mature phase (December to February). SEIO SSTs co-vary strongly with SST and air temperature variability across the Seribu island reef complex. The results of this study clearly indicate that locations of coral proxy record in Indonesia need to be chosen carefully in order to identify the seasonal climate response to local and remote climate and anthropogenic forcing.


This publication is a result of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen (KNAW) Mobility Programme entitled “Geochemical Monitoring of Coral Growth Banding in Porites Corals as a Proxy of Anthropogenic Induced Pollution and Environmental Modification, Case Study: Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta Bay, Indonesia” and the International Foundation of Sciences (IFS) research Grant no: A4605-1. Acknowledgements to partial funding of geochemical analysis through the postdoctoral project of Jens Zinke funded by the NWO-ALW programme “Climate Variability” and to the R.C. Geotechnology LIPI's for inhouse research grant for Seribu Islands coral paleoclimate studies (Grant no: DIPA



Mar Pollut Bull, 2016, 110 (2), pp. 694-700

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