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ElectroMap: High-throughput open-source software for analysis and mapping of cardiac electrophysiology.

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posted on 23.09.2019, 16:43 by C O'Shea, AP Holmes, TY Yu, J Winter, SP Wells, J Correia, BJ Boukens, JR De Groot, GS Chu, X Li, GA Ng, P Kirchhof, L Fabritz, K Rajpoot, D Pavlovic
The ability to record and analyse electrical behaviour across the heart using optical and electrode mapping has revolutionised cardiac research. However, wider uptake of these technologies is constrained by the lack of multi-functional and robustly characterised analysis and mapping software. We present ElectroMap, an adaptable, high-throughput, open-source software for processing, analysis and mapping of complex electrophysiology datasets from diverse experimental models and acquisition modalities. Key innovation is development of standalone module for quantification of conduction velocity, employing multiple methodologies, currently not widely available to researchers. ElectroMap has also been designed to support multiple methodologies for accurate calculation of activation, repolarisation, arrhythmia detection, calcium handling and beat-to-beat heterogeneity. ElectroMap implements automated signal segmentation, ensemble averaging and integrates optogenetic approaches. Here we employ ElectroMap for analysis, mapping and detection of pro-arrhythmic phenomena in silico, in cellulo, animal model and in vivo patient datasets. We anticipate that ElectroMap will accelerate innovative cardiac research and enhance the uptake, application and interpretation of mapping technologies leading to novel approaches for arrhythmia prevention.


This work was funded by the EPSRC studentship (Sci-Phy-4-Health Centre for Doctoral Training L016346) to D.P., K.R. and L.F., Wellcome Trust Seed Award Grant (109604/Z/15/Z) to D.P., British Heart Foundation Grants (PG/17/55/33087, RG/17/15/33106) to D.P., European Union (grant agreement No 633196 [CATCH ME] to P.K. and L.F.), British Heart Foundation (FS/13/43/30324 to P.K. and L.F.; PG/17/30/32961 to P.K. and A.H.), and Leducq Foundation to P.K. J.W. is supported by the British Heart Foundation (FS/16/35/31952).



Scientific Reports, 2019, volume 9, Article number: 1389

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/Organisation/COLLEGE OF LIFE SCIENCES/School of Medicine/Department of Cardiovascular Sciences


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Supplementary information accompanies this paper at https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-018-38263-2



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