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Experimental investigation of a new two-microphone method for the determination of broadband noise radiation from ducts

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posted on 29.05.2018, 08:38 by Jonathan Melling, Jian Chen, Phillip Joseph
This paper experimentally investigates a new technique for measuring the modal amplitude distribution, sound power transmission and radiation, and far field directivity of the broadband noise from hard walled ducts. The innovative aspect of this method is that it only requires the measurements of the two-point complex coherence function between the acoustic pressures at two closely spaced points on the duct wall. This method is therefore very useful when direct measurements of sound power and directivity are not possible. This paper describes detailed measurements of the sound power spectrum and coherence function from a hard walled circular duct excited at one end by a diffuse sound field. The other open end is terminated within an anechoic chamber with which to measure the radiated sound field at 11 microphones distributed over a polar arc. Measurements of the complex coherence were made at the duct and used to infer the sound power spectrum and far field directivity. This paper demonstrates generally good agreement between direct measurements of sound power and directivity and those inferred from the coherence function. The method is restricted to broadband noise in large ducts in the frequency range where many modes are able to propagate and the modal amplitudes are mutually uncorrelated.



Applied Acoustics, 2017, 117, pp. 66-75

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