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Genetic relationships of Asians and Northern Europeans, revealed by Y-chromosomal DNA analysis.

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posted on 04.05.2007, 08:32 by Tatiana Zerjal, Bumbein Dashnyam, Arpita Pandya, Manfred Kayser, Lutz Roewer, Fabricio R. Santos, Wulf Scheifenhovel, Neale Fretwell, Mark A. Jobling, Shinji Harihara, Koji Shimizu, Dashnyam Semjidmaa, Antti Sajantila, Pia Salo, Michael Crawford, Evgeny Ginter, Oleg Evgrafov, Chris Tyler-Smith
We have identified a new T-->C transition on the human Y chromosome. C-allele chromosomes have been found only in a subset of the populations from Asia and northern Europe and reach their highest frequencies in Yakut, Buryats, and Finns. Examination of the microsatellite haplotypes of the C-allele chromosomes suggests that the mutation occurred recently in Asia. The Y chromosome thus provides both information about population relationships in Asia and evidence for a substantial paternal genetic contribution of Asians to northern European populations such as the Finns.



American Journal of Human Genetics, 1997, 60, pp.1174-1183.

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American Journal of Human Genetics


University of Chicago Press

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