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Re-organisation of oesophago-gastric cancer care in England: progress and remaining challenges.

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posted on 21.06.2019, 10:39 by TR Palser, DA Cromwell, RH Hardwick, SA Riley, K Greenaway, W Allum, JH van der Meulen
BACKGROUND: Oesophago-gastric cancer services in England have been extensively reorganised since 2001 to deliver a centralised, specialist-led service. Our aim was to assess how well the National Health Service (NHS) in England met organisational standards for oesophago-gastric cancer care. METHODS: Questionnaires that asked about the provision of staging investigations, curative and palliative treatments and key personnel were sent in September 2007 to the lead clinician for oesophago-gastric cancer at all 30 cancer networks and 156 NHS acute trusts in England. RESULTS: Responses were received from all networks and 81% of NHS trusts. All networks provided essential staging investigations and a range of endoscopic palliative therapies. Only 16 of the 30 cancer networks discussed all patients at the specialist multi-disciplinary team meeting and 11 networks had not fully centralised curative surgery. There was also variation between NHS trusts in the integration of the palliative care team, the availability of nurse specialists and the use of dietitians to provide nutritional support. CONCLUSION: There has been considerable progress in reforming oesophago-gastric cancer services but the process of reorganisation is still incomplete and regional differences in service provision exist that may lead to variation in patient outcomes.


The National Oesophago-Gastric Cancer Audit was funded by the Healthcare Commission.



BMC Health Services Research, 2009, 9:204

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Electronic supplementary material 12913_2009_1075_MOESM1_ESM.doc Additional file 1: Cancer network questionnaire. The survey questionnaire sent to cancer network lead clinicians and which contained questions related to the organisation of cancer services within the network. (DOC 280 KB) 12913_2009_1075_MOESM2_ESM.doc Additional file 2: NHS trust questionnaire. The survey questionnaire sent to the lead clinician at each NHS trust and which contained questions about their hospital services. (DOC 140 KB)