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Rotation Equivariant Feature Image Pyramid Network for Object Detection in Optical Remote Sensing Imagery

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posted on 14.09.2021, 08:45 by P hamsolmoali, M Zareapoor, J Chanussot, Huiyu Zhou, J Yang
Detection of object is extremely important in various aerial vision-based applications. Over the last few years, the methods based on convolution neural networks have made substantial progress. However, because of the large variety of object scales, densities and arbitrary orientations, the current detectors struggle with extraction of semantically strong feature for small-scale objects by predefined convolution kernel. To address this problem, we propose the rotation equivariant feature image pyramid network (REFIPN), an image pyramid network based on rotation equivariance convolution. The proposed model adopts single-shot detector in parallel with a light-weight image pyramid module to extract representative feature and generate region of interests in an optimization approach. The proposed network extracts features in a wide range of scales and orientations by using novel convolution filters. These features are used to generate vector fields and determine the weight and angle of the highest scoring orientation for all spatial locations on an image. By this approach, the performance for small-sized object detection is enhanced without sacrificing the performance for large-sized object detection. The performance of the proposed model is validated on two commonly used aerial benchmarks and the results show our propose model can achieve state-of-the-art performance with satisfactory efficiency.


NSFC, China (No: 61876107,U1803261)and Committee of Science and Technology, Shanghai, China (No.19510711200).



IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, In press

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